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Sunday, August 4th 10:00am-12:00pm Snag Boat Bend Unit of William L Finley NWR (~ 12 miles south of Corvallis OR on Peoria Rd)

Fun/Educational Event

On the banks of a natural backwater slough at Snag Boat Bend learn about riverine processes that create and modify floodplain habitats; the fishes that use those habitats, both native and introduced; interactions between native non-game fishes and introduced warm water game fishes; and the gear that fishery biologists use to sample these populations. There will be sketchings of  habitat configurations, live fish in aquaria, and selections from the biologists’ tool kit of sampling gear.

Presenters: Ray Temple worked at Earth Satellite Corporation in Washington DC before coming to his senses and moving back to Oregon. He retired as the Natural Production Program Director in the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Fish Division. For the next seven years he managed federal grants to fish and wildlife agencies in several western states for fish management and research. He retired for good and always in 2009.

Brian Bangs is an award-winning fishery scientist who Ray recruited to bail him out on this assignment. Brian’s special area of interest is Oregon’s fascinating non-game ichthyofauna, and the sloughs, bogs, and swamps of the Willamette River watershed. Brian has worked for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for the past 15 years and is currently on loan to the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend. To RSVP visit Fun With Fishes survey
Meet in Parking Lot of Snag Boat Bend Unit.

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For information on Snag Boat Bend visit Snag Boat Bend Unit

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